Applying Gradients

Applying Gradients

You can use the Gradient panel or Gradient tool to apply and create gradients.
  • Choose Window > Gradient.
  • Select Tools panel > Gradient tool
If you drag colors (e.g. from the Color List) onto the Gradient panel, this series of colors form a gradient which is applied to the currently selected object(s). Use the sliders to modify the start and end of each color.

How to create a gradient
  1. Drag a color from the Color List panel onto the desired position on the gradient in the Gradient panel.
    The color is added to the gradient at the position it was dropped.
  2. Repeat this step for all colors you want to use in the gradient.
    The gradient starts with the leftmost color and ends with the rightmost gradient stop.
  3. Decide whether you want to use a Linear and Radial gradient.
    A radial gradient starts with the leftmost color at the center and radiates outward to the color of the rightmost gradient stop.
How to remove a color from a gradient
  1. Click the color square beneath the visualized gradient and drag it downwards a bit until it disappears.
  2. Release the mouse button.
  3. The color is removed from the gradient. If there are no more than two colors, the remove action will be canceled.
How to change the color sequence
  • Drag a color square beneath the visualized gradient to the desired position on the gradient. The color is moved to the new position in the gradient. If there are not more than 2 colors than the move action will be canceled.

How to edit and apply gradients with the Gradient tool
You can use the Gradient tool 

to assign the current gradient to one or more objects and to modify the angle and spread of a gradient.
    1. Use the Selection tool on the Tools panel to select all objects you want to apply the current gradient to.
    2. Switch to the Gradient tool on the Tools panel.
    • To modify radial gradients, drag a line from the inside to the outside.
    • To modify linear gradients, drag a line from the start to the end point.
How to save a gradient to the Color List
    1. Click Window > Color List.
    2. Point to the gradient in the Gradient panel and drag it to the Color List.
        The gradient can be applied to objects by drag & drop.
    3. Click the menu button and select Save.

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