Document Color Space

Document Color Space

How to check the document (input) color space and the output channels
You can view the color channels of the displayed image based on a selectable color profile.
    1. Activate Window > Input or Window > Output to display the Input and Output panels.
    2. Point to any area in the document with the mouse.
        The color you are pointing at with the mouse is displayed in the Input and Output tabbed pages.
        The Input tab also displays the object type you are pointing at, i. e. Raster, Path, etc.

How to change the document (input) color space
    1. In the Input tab click the ColorSync button .
        The Embed Profile window is displayed.This window corresponds to the Color tab in the Preferences and the window when selecting Extra > Embed Profiles.
    2. Select the desired Color Space, Profile, and Intent for the input.
    3. Click OK.

How to change the output color space
    1. On the Output tabbed page, click the ColorSync button to choose an output profile.
    2. At the bottom of the Output tabbed page you can also set the following:
    • Convert spot colors to named colors.
    • Add and remove spot color channels.
    • Map spot colors.
    • Tonal corrections.
    • Define the Ink limit.

   3. Click OK.

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